Full Body or Split Routines?


When on the quest for muscle size there is always the question what is a better routine for a natural bodybuilder.  Full body or a split routine?    To answer that question we have to go back to the beginning.

In the early days of working out around the turn of the century almost everyone did full body routines (Steve Reeves, Reg Park,etc). These were typically done 3 times week usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  As a matter of fact some gyms were only opened those 3 days.  LOL!!!

Around the 60’s things started to change and you saw more bodybuilders using illegal substances to enhanced recovery and increased muscle growth.  With that brought the urge to work out more days per week and with more sets.   Now from experience I have used both approaches and have to say they can both work but for the average Bodybuilder or even the hardgainer a solid full body routine should be your first choice.


For those choosing to go with split routines naturally you have to focus a lot more on nutrition and typically those over forty would still be better off focusing on a balanced full body routine.

So what kind of routine do you do and prefer.  Feel free to post your preference below and why you like it.

2 responses to “Full Body or Split Routines?

  1. This was a good post. Another good topic, glad you were able to share your thoughts on the two different types of training. I probably do more split training than I do full body training, but that isn’t because I don’t like full body workouts, it is mostly just because I workout 6 days a week and like to concentrate on certain areas sometimes. Today I did a full body workout, and it was great! I don’t really have a preference, whatever my goals are, I make my style match it for the time being.


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