Fruit Tastes Like Chocolate Pudding: Black Sapote


Ever wish there was a healthier food that tasted as good as your favorite cheat food?  Well if you like chocolate we are here to tell you there is and it is called the Black Sapote or more commonly the “Chocolate Pudding Fruit” because of it close resemblance.

The Black Sapote is a tropical fruit native to eastern Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.   Some have been breed in the Philippines, Australia, and Florida no doubt with the help of their recent popularity.  Be aware though that there are are a number of fruits called sapotes such as the white or green sapote but the Black Sapote is the one that mirrors the devine taste of chocolate pudding that we love so much.


The fruit itself looks like a tomato of medium size which is brown inside and dark green on the outside.  A black sapote is picked when they are hard then allowed to soften and brown which usually takes a  few days (3-6).  At that point you should be able to press the skin with your fingers and leave an indent to determine if they are ripe and a ready to enjoy and enjoy you will.  Just don’t let the sticky texture of the fruit fool you because it’s uncanny flavor is absolutely worth it and is a dieter’s dream come true for us chocoholics.


BLACK SAPOTE Persimmon Chocolate Pudding Fruit 5 Seeds

BLACK SAPOTE Chocolate Pudding Fruit 4 Fresh Seeds



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