Success Isn’t Found..It’s Made!


Success isn’t made…It’s found!!  Too many people in this generation expect something for nothing. Whether it is to lose 20 lbs in a week, hitting the lottery or even expecting a handout from the government.

Sure some people get lucky with the lottery, or inherit a thriving business or something like that but you can not go through life waiting for lighting to strike.  Not only that but the feeling of accomplishment makes success that much more sweeter.

There are seven stages or steps on your road to success in anything you do.  Whether is is weight training, a successful business or even finding your sole mate.  See where you fit in and determine what you need to do to get past those hurdles on your journey.

  1. I Won’t Do It. – Giving up. Deciding on being complacent with what you have and where you are.
  2. I Can’t Do It.  – Being afraid of failure. Sure we all run into obstacle that challenge us but that is what make us stronger.
  3. I Want to Do It. – Wanting things to happen. The person that wants to be successful in life but not motivated or has the need to do anything to getting there.
  4. How Do I Do It. – Asking questions and researching how to achieve your goal of success is the first major step toward being successful.
  5. I Will Try to Do It. – Deciding to try and take a chance.  You never accomplish anything if  you never try.  Sure there will be road blocks but trying is the only real way you are going to start to get there.
  6. I Can Do It – You are committed.  You made it up in your mind you can do it.   Now it is just a matter of time till you are get there by following the last step.
  7. I Will Do It. –  Being determined and driven to achieve your goal.   Taking the bull by the horns and leaving no stone unturned.  Following through and putting into action a plan to become triumphant.


So where do you fit in?   How far along are you to reaching your latest goal.   No time like the present to put into action the things you have to do on your mission to reach your ultimate goal.  So what are you waiting for?   Go out there and get it!!


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