Unique Hamstring Movement using the T-Bar

Hamstrings are one of those muscles that can be hard to develop and are often a site of a weak point for a competitive bodybuilder.  Because of their location being on the back side of the upper thigh they typically demand less attention in some workout programs.  Instead they are structured to focus more on the thighs further creating an imbalance.  Not to mention that most of the better hamstring movements also include the lower back to some degree or another and that is where the trouble could stem from too.

Well if you are having trouble building up your hamstings or you have been having a hard time feeling them work when you do barbell or dumbbell stiff-legged deadlifts then you might want to try T-bar Stiff-legged Deadlifts. Unfortunately not all gyms have a T-bar apparatus or if the do at the very little they have the newer chest supported version which won’t with this great hamstring builder.  Fortunately though you can easily rig up your own version (which is how they were originally created) by using an Olympic bar with weights on one side and the other end wedged against the wall with a heavy dumbbell on it to hold it in place and prevent it from popping up and hitting your valued three piece set.  As far as gripping the bar you can to do a hand over hand method, use a v-bar or a special t-bar attachment with the last to being the more favorable.

What makes this version unique is that because of the locked position at one end it forces you to push your hips back to activate more of your hamstrings. Of course you will have to use less weight especially in the beginning when getting used to this movement.  But if you are looking for a change of pace to those standard stiff legged deadlifts these can be a worth alternative.

Another trick that can be included with other hip dominant hamstring movements to further help activate more of the leg biceps is to put a small board or two ten pound olympic plates under the front of your feet. This helps by creating a prestretch on the hamstrings since they tie into the calf muscle thereby helping to make them more involved in the movement.  Comment below if you have ever done these before and your experience.  Till next time.


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