Bands to Rock Your Workouts

Most of you I am sure are familiar with resistance bands especially if you have ever been to a physical therapist for a past sports injury.  But their benefits do not stop just in the rehabilitation facilities.  Smart athletes and bodybuilders are becoming more and more aware of their benefits especially when it comes to enhancing your performance and strength during your workouts.

When deciding on a pair that works for you finding ones with enough tension to challenge you and also feel durable enough to hold up through your tough routines is most important.  Since there are so many different exercise bands to choose from I decided to auditioned a few of them to see which ones I liked the best.  So far the one set I like the best as far as price and quality is concerned has been by a company called Starwood Sports.  The price for starters on this set is a real steal and goes for about the price of a music cd. The set includes 4 different tension levels signified by a different color so you are sure to find one to your liking.  More information on the different levels included are showcased below.

  • Green : Light
  • Blue: Medium
  • Red : Heavy
  • Black : X-Heavy


I personally find the green or light one to be too easy for most things as will most others I believe.  They actually kind of slip off easily for me  on somethings because of the weaker tension I feel. The other ones are a perfect fit and provide a good amount of tension for mobility work and to pump up the volume on other exercises.

As mentioned earlier the valuable beyond you traditional rehab setting  is without question.  For preventive maintenance to help balance yourself out and make sure the proper motor units are recruited during your routines is where the true beauty lies.  Those that have the typical 9-5 desk job would benefit greatly by including them as part of your general warm up and mobility to help wake up those muscles that have be taking a nap during the day.  For example they are great to use to help with activating you glutes on squats and as part of a general mobility warm up program.  Also you can use them if you are out and away from the gym because of their small size or possibly helping to pump you up back stage before a bodybuilding show or other event.

Exercise bands are quickly becoming an essential tool to any serious gym fanatic these days.  From their versatile use in a physical therapy setting to help recover from an injury or for the bodybuilder simply wanting to amp up their existing workout regime.  These cheap but worthwhile addition are a must have for the exerciser past the beginner stage.  Don’t be left out!

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