Agave – Honey of the Gods?


Those of us of a diet are always looking to find a food or an ingredient to add to our meals now and then to make us feel like we are on less of a diet. One such ingredient that is frequently brought up is a honey that is source from a cactus called agave.

The special thing about this honey is it comes in at a low 17 on the glycemic index chart because it is composed of about 75% fructose but tastes basically just like regular honey does. In fact agave has a higher sweetness rating than table sugar so less can be used (about 40%) to get the desired effect thereby reducing your calorie content. This sure sounds like a dream come true for those of us that like the taste of something sweet now and then.  So what could be better than that right?

Well it does come with a price.  Be aware though that excessive use of any food that contains calories especially those sourced from sugar can add up fast.  Also because of agave having such a high fructose content it may be more likely to store as fat if you overdue it.  So be sure to be sensible with yourself in including agave so you can get the most out of it.  

Agave can be used in place of your regular honey or table sugar for teas or a little in your regular morning cup of joe.  Also it can make a great ingredient in baking things like muffins, pancakes or even your own protein bars to help keep them moist.  Also it can be used as a substitute to regular honey if you are a strict vegan.

These days agave can be easily found at your local grocery store or at the very least a quality health food store in your area.  So as you can see sugar or in this case honey does not always have to be a bad thing for fitness enthusiasts in moderation of course.  Lol!  Of course training for a bodybuilding contest that is another story.  

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