Egg Boiling Like a Pro


This is for those that ever get frustrated when you make a bunch of hard boiled eggs and they end up becoming a nightmare to peel?  Sometimes it can be so bad that you end up losing a fourth of the egg in the process.  Well today I will discuss a step by step process that I use to help you boil an egg like a pro.

First before you start putting the eggs in the pot or pan (I prefer a pot so I can make a lot at a time) poke a hole in the end of each one with a push pin that you plan on making.  Second make sure that there is enough water in the pot that all the eggs are submerged in the water. Then turn the heat on all the way so they boil as fast as possible.  When you reach a rapid boil turn the stove off and cover the pot with the lid and let them sit for about 15 minutes.   After the 15 minutes turn the stove off and dump the hot water out of the pot and fill it with cool water and a few ice cubes.  Finally let them sit this way for at least five minutes before you start cracking them opened and peeling.


If done as suggested above you should have no trouble peeling them.  I know this might take longer than what you are used to with cook them but it will save you a lot in the peeling time not to mention the frustration with losing some of that precious protein.  Lol. Thanks for reading and feel free to share, like and comment below with how you made out.

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