Top 5 Mass Building Exercises


Too many would be bodybuilders on the quest for muscular size include the wrong kind of movements to reach their goals as fast as possible. From day one it is always best to include basic compound free weight (primarily barbell) movements. These are exercises that are more natural in motion that you can handle the most amount of weight.  So this means no fancy machines and definitely no sissy exercises on stability balls. Free weights should be your number 1 weapon of choice here. So without further delay here are the top 5 mass building movements.

1. Deadlift


This classic “Best Bang for the Buck” movement reigns supreme since it uses the most amount of muscles. For the ultimate in back thickness and overall mass there is no equal. Be it standard, sumo or hex bar dead lifts be sure to pile on the weight to pack on the weight here so you can take your physique to the next level.

2. Squats


For big legs especially for high reps squats are your surefire ticket to saying goodbye to those chicken legs. Be sure to hit at least parallel to get the most from squats.  Plain old fashioned free bar back squats are the best choice but front squats can be a worthy alternative.  Also if you train at home and lack a power rack or you are in a pinch dumbbell squats, lunges or barbell hack squats can be substitutions as well.

3. Bench Press

bench press

There is a good reason the number one question you always ask a bodybuilder or power lifter or even the average joe lifter “How much can you bench?” Bench pressing is a true measure of upper body strength. If you have bad shoulders sometimes incline or decline presses can be a worthy substitute but either way be sure to bench press for a Herculean upper body.

4. Pull-ups/Pull downs


For sheer back width there is no better exercise than pull-ups. Just be sure when strapping on additional weight to calculate your own bodyweight into the figure especially if your weight fluctuates. We have also included Pulldowns which can be an effective alternative since unfortunately not everyone can do enough pull-ups. Either that or the calculations involved and the thought of adding weight to your body is a no go for you. Either way you can not go wrong with these two movements to build your v-taper.

5. Overhead Press

shoulder press

Although some will discount this movement since there is some duplication with the bench press. Overhead or military presses are extremely effective for the front and side deltoids as well as building up the triceps.

There you have it. Any mass building routine worth its weight in gold will include most if not all of these movements in them. Sure there are many other fine movements to include to complete the puzzle on your road to physique perfection but these are sure to be your foundation and mainstay movements.

So what is your favorite mass building exercise and why?

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