Top 15 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies


With over 35 flicks to choose from it was a tough feat to sift through them all to pick out the best of the best. Now without further adue here is the Top 15 list of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

15. Raw Deal (1986)

Getting the ball rolling is the largely unknown Raw Deal I guess because it was an HBO production. This solid film fits right in there with the rest of Arnold’s classic period (Terminator to Terminator 2) minus Red Sonja of course. Lol

14. Terminator 3 (2003)

Unfortunately the Terminator formula was starting to show it was running a little dry by the third time around. T-3 though is still a firm entry in the Terminator saga and of the movies he has released in general.

13. Escape Plan (2013)

Usually when you team up two great big hollywood action stars in the same movie it results in a flop. The Escape Plan is a great post Governor movie from the Austrian Oak. Oh and also a great one for the Italian Stallion.

12. The Running Man ((1987)

The Running Man is a futuristic (yet present day now 2017-2019) movie loosely based on the Steven King book of the same name is a hidden gem from his golden era. With an all star cast this is certainly not one to miss.

11. Last Stand (2013)

2013 was a good year movie wise for Governator. The Last Stand still shows Arnold has it as an action star. The greatest post governor movie he has done so far.

10. Stay Hungry (1976)

This little know movie co-starring Arnold is a great early glimpse looking into his movie career.  He actually won a golden globe for it and if you have ever seen it before you can see why. His acting improved dramatically since “Hercules Goes Bananas” lol. His first real quality movie. Acting along side Jeff Bridges and Sally Field sure did not hurt either.

9.  Twins (1988)  

Not his first stab at a comedy (the mostly forgettable Hercules in New York was numero uno) but his best one for sure.  There is even talk of a sequel featuring …wait for it…..Eddie Murphy.  Not sure how that is going to work. I guess only time will tell.

8. Conan the Barbarian (1982)

One of the few great movies he did before The Terminator.   A sequel to this epic sword and sandal film was done a few years later but this one is far superior and the one to check out. Also talks of him being in a reboot of Conan but I can not see how it would be better than this one.

7. True Lies (1994)

The 90’s was a hit or miss decade for Arnold. True Lies was a big hit all around and a front runner during that uneven decade. True Lies includes a great cast such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, and of course the beautiful Tia Carrere. Surprised a sequel has not been done.

6.  Predator (1987)

“Stick around”. “Get to the chopper”. Besides including some of his greatest catch phrases Predator is Anothet 80’s classic that has stood the test of time and had spawned several sequels.

5.Total Recall (1990)

Another futuristic movie about a trip to Mars. Based off the trailer or previews you would think it would have sucked but over the years this still holds up as one of his finest works. Great cast including Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox and Dean Norris of Breaking Bad fame.

4. Terminator (1984)    

Terminator is the Arnold vehicle that jump started him to stardom as a blockbuster action star. If you have not see it where have you been? Interestingly enough he was initially slated to be the good guy in this one. Wonder how that would have made out.

3. Pumping Iron (1977)

The classic Pumping Iron documentary that helped to pave bodybuilding on the map. Also features Lou Ferrigno and many other classic bodybuilders from the 70’s. A must see for any true bodybuilder or workout enthusiast.

2. Commando (1985)

He ate green berets for breakfast as well as many of the ones on this list.  Arnold in classic form. Commando is the best of the best from the extreme 80’s.

1.Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

“I’ll be back” he said and back with a vengeance he was. Leading the pack as if you did not see this coming is the sophomore release of the Terminator saga. Rarely are sequels better than the original but this one seemed to pull it off with ease.

There you go the best of the best of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Agree? Disagree?  What are your favorites Arnold Schwarzenegger flicks?  Comment below with what you think should or should not be on this list.

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