The stairway to heaven

Does that sound like a Led Zeppelin song? I personally love the guitar solo for that song. However, we are not here to talk about music, we are here to talk about burning calories by climbing up an almost literal the stairway to heaven. If I were to ask you this question – “what is the most popular indoors cardio workout machine?” You would probably say it’s the treadmill or the stationary bicycles. We have no doubt about that, but there is a new way of burning calories and fats that is quickly developing a good following and seems in the opinion of many to burn calories better than the treadmill – that is climbing the stairway to heaven.

Why we call it “the stairway to heaven”

It is actually called the “Jacob’s ladder” machine (hopefully some religious people should know why we call it the stairway to heaven by now). The machine gets its name from the story of Jacob in the bible. He had just “stolen” the birthright of his brother – Esau, and was on the run from his brother because his brother wanted to kill him. So, he got to this place and decided to take a nap and then he had a strange dream. In the dream, he saw a great ladder that goes from heaven to the earth and angels going up and down the ladder. Now, this is where the point of the story is. Have you ever tried to climb the stairway of a 562-story skyscraper? It will probably take you all day to climb because that is a very long journey. Now, imagine God rolls you a stairway all to way from heaven to earth and you are to climb to heaven. It would probably take forever to do that on your own. That is the concept of Jacob’s ladder machine. It is an infinite stairway which you cannot finish climbing. It looks like a small step but trusts me, you most likely climb to the top of the stairs if you were to walk step by step.

How does Jacob’s ladder machine work?

It looks like a small stairway with wooden steps. It does not really have any motorized control or anything like that, but the stairs are designed to come down once you step on it almost like a manual escalator designed to keep you in one spot instead of facilitating your movement. The faster you try to climb up Jacob’s ladder machine, the faster the steps go down. In fact, even though it is made in a way that intends to nickname it the stairway to heaven, the cardio workout on Jacob’s ladder can get so intense that some have even nicknamed it the stairway to hell instead. In this way, it is designed to mimic a stairway with an infinite number of steps.

How does Jacob’s ladder machine burn calories?

Unlike a standard treadmill, Jacob’s ladder exercises all parts of your body more and is actually closer to a real-life experience of climbing an infinite stairwell. This exercise like other cardio exercises improves blood circulation and is a very efficient calorie burner.

What are the benefits?

Apart from burning calories, many other benefits include the fact that Jacob’s ladder does not really rely on electricity to work and you do not have to worry too much about energy savings. Another good thing about the machine is that it is simple to use and is very efficient at burning calories so you can make some good progress. Another benefit is that you are in complete control of how difficult you want it to be and what muscle you want. You do not have to struggle with buttons and stuff like that to find the right pace for you. You just have to step on the ladder and just start climbing. If you want the machine to go faster, simply climb faster and if you want it to go slower simply slow down. Another benefit is that it is perfect if you want to create a gym at home. However, you may have to go for the smaller ones that can fit through standard doors unless of course, you are planning to convert your garage to your home gym. Also, the exercise on Jacob’s ladder machine is quite flexible because you can do a lot of different exercises to achieve different results. Feel free to experiment with it.

In all, I think Jacob’s ladder is a pretty good addition to your home gym equipment. It doesn’t cost you a lot in energy use if you are worried about that, and it works more of your muscles than a standard treadmill and as a result, you tend to burn more calories using Jacob’s ladder than a standard treadmill.

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