Top 5 Muscle Building Mistakes

If you are a bodybuilder then chances are you have made or you might still be making one or more of these mistakes when trying to gain muscle.

1- Doing too many isolation exercises

Doing isolation exercises is fine in moderation especially as you become more advanced as a bodybuilder. Problem is when your leg routine consists of mostly leg extensions and legs curls for legs instead of squats or deadlifts. Stick with mostly the compound free-weight movements like Squats, deadlifts, Bench presses, overhead presses, and rows especially if you are are beginning bodybuilding.

2 – Overtraining

Another very common mistake in amateur bodybuilding circles is hitting the iron too much. Working our 7 days a week for 3 hours will not make you get to you goal weight any faster. On the contrary your body needs to recover and working out over an hour or going to the gym more than 4 maybe 5 days a week is considered overtraining in most natural bodybuilders vocabulary.

3 – Not eating enough calories

Going along with a clean and balanced diet you need to provide the body with enough nourishment so it can recover and grow. You would be surprised how many gym goes just do not eat enough to sustain let alone gain some size. Minimum requirement is typically 15 times your lean body mass when on a quest for size.

4 – Not getting enough sleep

Quality sleep is another key factor to ensure proper recovery and growth. Staying out all night and get little sleep is sure to derail your muscle building progress.

5 – Not training with progressive resistance.

To continue to improve you have to make your workouts harder over time. Piling more weight on the bar or doing more repetitions with the same weight is the most fundamental key to increasing muscle mass.

If any one of these is lacking now is the time to correct it and get you body back on the road for strength and size gains.

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