Losing Weight is Easy

Losing weight is easy.  You heard me right…”losing weight is easy.”  The hard part though is keeping the weight off.  

I am sure you have seen it or you have done it yourself.  You get all excited to lose weight to achieve your goals.  Whether it is for the traditional new year’s resolution, a class reunion, your best friend’s wedding or maybe even just for yourself for the summer.  You are so motivated and eager to reach your goal so you start busting your ass in the gym and training like a maniac.  Eventually with sheer determination you reach your goal. Then what happens?   

I am sure you have seen it dozens of times with celebrities like Oprah or Kristy  Alley.  After you reach your goal weight and receive several glowing comments about how much you have changed for the better you become lazy.  Slowly you start to change how you eat and exercise.   You lose your sense of purpose.  Next thing you know you are back to where you were.  So I will say it again losing weight is easy.  The hard part is keeping it off.

Sticking to a goal and keeping yourself there is all about keeping yourself motivated and staying hungry.  Motivation and drive is something most of use have to keep tabs on or we get complacent and at that point we can start to regress.  

Keeping yourself in check can be as simple as setting future goals, watching motivational videos, and reading inspirational books.  Even going to a bodybuilding show or power lifting contest can help to refocuse our minds back to our goals in the gym.  Don’t let a day or two of free eating (aka: cheating) set you back into a month or more.  Stay focused, train hard and eat right.  Remember health and fitness and more specifically bodybuilding is a lifestyle journey.  Enjoy the ride. 

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