Top 20 Hardcore Workout Playlist


A lot of iron pumpers love to use stimulant based Pre-workout drinks to help get themselves motivated for the gym.  But what do you do if you have high blood pressure or you just can’t stand the jittery feeling a lot of these pre-workout formula often produce.  Well gratefully one of the easiest and cheapest ways to hype yourself up for exercising is simply to pop on a set of ear buds and grind through your workouts listening to your favorite workout tunes.

Of course some gyms and health clubs have their own music pumping through their speakers but seriously who likes every song they play at the gym.  That is what makes your flashy new phone or a fully stocked digital music player your new best workout buddy.  You are in complete control with the songs of your choice with you own play list at your disposal. Not to mention it will deter people from bothering you at the gym to ask for a spot further keeping you focused while you are pumping away with the weights.

Sure everyone will have their own favorite music that they like to listen to and some types of music are better suited when you are doing cardio or stretching.   Below is a playlist of some of the best songs to workout with if you are lifting weights (bodybuilder/power lifter). This workout playlist features songs that include motivational lyrics about being victorious, never giving up and reaching for you full potential. We have tried to include several different genes of music so hopefully you will find at least a few that will help you open up a can of whoop ass during your workouts.  Let’s get to it!!!

20 “Meant to Live”, Switchfoot

switchfoot Download MP3

Starting off our list is the song “Meant to Live” by the alternative rock band Switchfoot. This track with it’s memorable main guitar riff, positive lyrics and aggressive sound make it a fine choice to get things going.

19 “T.N.T.” , AC/DC

acdc Download MP3

This early AC/DC tune has been used by numerous bodybuilders in their posing routine and for good reason.

18 “Go for it(Heart and Fire)”

rocky5 Download MP3

This lead motivational song from what we thought would be the last Rocky movie is sure to make you “Go for It”

17 “Symphony of Destruction”, Megadeth

megadeth Download MP3

Arguably Megadeth’s best and most well know song. Said to be written on the back of a sushi receipt.  I guess you never know when or where inspiration will strike you.  LOL

16 “Jump”, Van Halen

van halen Download MP3

Surprisingly this is the bands only #1 song on the billboard charts.  But boy did they hit a grand slam with it.  Although dated a little this is a great motivational song for working out.

15 “Here I Come”, Roots

roots Download MP3

“Get ready cause here I come” is the tag line from this quintessential hip hop joint.

14 “Beat It”, Michael Jackson

mj Download MP3

Whether it is the original Michael Jackson version or the newer cover by Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer who could go wrong with this unforgettable track.

13 “You’re the Best”, Joe Esposito

This classic song from the original karate kid movie was initially created to be used in the 3rd Rocky installment.  With the producer of rocky III liking it so much he used it on his next movie which was karate Kid.

12 “Tubthumper (I Get Knocked Down), Chumbawamba

thubthumper Download MP3

You know you know it. Even though the title may throw you off.  Chubawamba’s experimental tune can sure help you to keep pushing forward.

11 “Remember the Name”, Fort Minor

fortminor Download MP3

Breaking down the percentage of what it takes to crush the competition from this time honored anthem.

10 “I Stand Alone”, Godsmack

godsmack Download MP3

Written for the 2002 fantasy adventure movie The Scorpion King Godsmack’s multi-Grammy nominated standard is perfect for the gym.  From the intensity of the song to its brash lyrics when it is just you and the weights standing alone.

9 “The Final Countdown”, Europe

europe Download MP3

Unforgettable keyboard riff intro to this 80’s hard rock song make this one a likely candidate for exercise goers.

8 “Headstrong”, Trapt

trapt Download MP3

“Back off I’ll take you on.  Headstrong to take on anyone.”

7 “Mama Said Knock You Out”, LL Cool J

llcool Download MP3

LL’s legendary comeback song inspired by his own mama featuring pounding bass and in your face lyrics to help you reclaim your own aggression.

 6 “Iron man”, Black Sabbath

blacksab Download MP3

Along with the final countdown this has to be one of the greatest entrance songs to use before a professional sports game or in this case your hardcore workouts.

5 “You Got Another Thing Comin”, Judas Priest

judas Download MP3

With the lead singer’s menacing four octave range to the dual guitar attack this 80’s heavy metal classic with have you hitting the weights with a vengeance.

4 “Fuel”, Metallica

metallica Download MP3

Althought put out after their classic period Metallica’s “Fuel” is a superb song to rev you up and keep you going in the weight room

“Give me fuel give me fire Give me that what I desire”

3 “Lose Yourself”, Eminem

eminem Download MP3

From the classic Eminem film semi based off of his early life and struggles to make it in the rap game.

2 “Another One Bites the Dust”, Queen

queen  Download MP3

Queen has had numerous exercise worthy songs (“We Will Rock You”, “We are the Champions”, “Under Pressure”, etc,).  “Another One Bites the Dust” rises to the top with it’s powerful bass line by John Deacon and forever powerful vocal delivery by the legendary Freddie Mercury.

1 “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor

survivor Download MP3

Did you really have any doubt that this would be number one? LOL  I can’t think of anyone regardless of their favorite music genre that this song does not get their adrenaline pumping and making them want to workout.

What’s You Favorite Workout Song?

Did we overlook one of your favorite workout songs in our Top 20 list? Let us know what you think we should have included in the comments section below.

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