How Bodybuilding Helps Fight Depression

Mental health is a very important and crucial part of one’s life. To keep mental health in check is important. Mental health is a sensitive subject to talk about. While many are unaware, mental disorders are more common than one may think. 

Some mental disorders include anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar and depression just to name a few. One of the most common yet unchecked mental disorders that people face is depression. 

Depression has a lot of stigma in the society we live in. Since it is hard to diagnose the symptoms without clinical help, people push symptoms away as they do not think much of it. 

But mental illnesses and disorders have a very negative effect on the daily lives of many people. This may affect people from doing the simplest of things and not having any interest in anything.

While such mental illnesses like depression can take a toll on the lives of many, it is very important to take note of symptoms and get help professionally whether from peers, professionals or clinical.

In this busy fast-moving world, people are busy with their lives, jobs, families and other various duties. While people may seem to be normal, many of these people are suffering from mental illnesses which they may not recognize and may have repercussions on their professional and personal life. Therefore it is mandatory to look for symptoms of mental illnesses and talk to professionals about these issues because it can happen to anybody.

As far as cures for depression goes, there are many ways to reduce it and help people to cope with their illnesses. But while many believe that drugs and medication are the best remedies for such illnesses, one must also be aware of the more healthy ways in which one can combat their mental illnesses.

Does bodybuilding fight depression?

Health and fitness go hand in hand, as well as mental health. Well, one may think how would working out or exercising of any sort help people out with mental illness? What one needs to understand first is how a person feels during their depression and then how any sort of exercise can help.

Depression, for anyone, is one of the hardest times in their lives. Many people have to live with it daily. Some of the most common symptoms of depression are low motivation, low self-esteem, low self-confidence. 

A person during these times will find it extremely hard to get out of bed to continue with their day finding no interest in anything whatsoever and will also begin to distance themselves from friends and families which could be due to reasons like them thinking that they are being judged.

Now, for a healthy lifestyle, fitness is a crucial part of one’s daily lives. Keeping fit, exercising or doing any sort of physical activity is important. This is not only to keep your body in shape but also to keep your mind fresh and energized. Many people ignore physical activities which may be due to various reasons. But what one needs to understand is that working out and exercising, while it may be for having a good physique also helps in lifting off mental load and relieving stress.

As far as exercises and other physical activities go, it is indeed very much true that such activities help people suffering from depression cope a little bit more than just being prescribed to pills and medicines.

Bodybuilding, on the other hand, is an excellent activity for people with depression. Such activities release hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which activates and elevates mood and happiness.

Dopamine is a hormone that helps people feel motivated and is related to the self-reward system. When someone exercises for even half an hour, these hormones are secreted during that period which is a long window for this hormone. After the completion of a workout, a person will feel more confident and fulfilled due to the secretion of these hormones into the body.

Similarly, serotonin is a hormone secreted by the brain which is shown to be low in people with depression. Serotonin is responsible for lifting up people’s moods, making them happier, and even regulate eating and social habits. It has been said that lower serotonin could be the cause of depression in many people. And during workouts, the release of these hormones increased especially by increased heart rate, which may be why we feel good after a vigorous workout.

During such activities like bodybuilding, hormones such as mentioned above will be produced and longer workouts eventually mean more secretion of these hormones, though one must not overdo their exercise routines. Completion of such physical activities results in the secretion of these hormones which in turn will make the person feel more accomplished. It will elevate their mood and feel them more rewarded for completing a workout since, during such times, completion of a work or project is difficult due to lack of motivation.

It is indeed safe to say that activities like bodybuilding do help patients suffering from depression cope with their illness. This is not only due to the secretion of hormones. Bodybuilding makes a person feel accomplished and more motivated and help them build their self-esteem and self-confidence. Furthermore, bodybuilding will not only help people with their mental health but also physical health as it helps to get people in shape, be it mental or physical.


Bodybuilding is indeed very helpful for people trying to cope with mental illnesses. While helping people with energizing and refreshing their mind with exercise, this allows them to push their limits and reach goals every day which is a very helpful stepping stone to people who are suffering every day. While it may not seem much, this helps people to maintain their lives, professional and personal while staying mentally and physically fit.

Author Bio: Robert is a fitness geek, and he regularly shares his knowledge and reviews about Health and fitness over at his Blog “Fit Territory”. You can follow his blog over here @fitterritoryofficial

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