Beyond the Call of Duty: Cardio for Fat Loss


Most people use cardiovascular exercise for body fat reduction.   Strangely enough most end up missing to boat on one of the key factors to have any profound effect on continued fat loss.  The theory behind cardio is simple right?  You burn more calories and ultimately more body fat.  Well this works up to a degree.

Unfortunately though as you become in better shape and your body becomes more efficient at learning how to make better use of it’s resources it becomes harder and harder to lose that last 10 to 15 lbs to become photo worthy.

So what is the answer.  Well if you are like most cardio goers in the gym you hop on your favorite piece of aerobic equipment such the treadmill set the speed to the same speed every time and stick with your usual 30 minutes. Unfortunately to continue to make progress you need to impose an increase demand on your body just like you do with the weights.

This can be as simple as burning a few extra calories each workout in the same amount of time.  Other  ways such as including intervals with shortening the rest periods or if going at a steady pace just going for longer periods of time can work too but just focusing on calories burned per session seems to be the  easiest way to accomplish keeping track of increasing your metabolic rate.

Most of us want to make the most of the time we spend in the gym and don’t have hours on end we can devote to cardio. This is great since “newsflash” you only really need to devote a few times a week and no more than 20 minutes at a clip for fat loss cardio to be a triumph.  Not only that but doing extended cardio sessions with increased frequency can eat away at the muscle you are working on or have worked so hard on to acquire.

When I am looking to lose body fat  I typically do 20 minutes every other day or so and just focus on burning more calories per session. The workload is easily traceable on most cardio machines or you can use some type of monitor such as a fitbit that keeps track of the calories burned or the intensity you have done per session so you have something to shoot for each workout.  It is that simple.


Don’t be like one of the hampsters you have seen running on the wheel with your cardio and never seem to get anywhere.  Going above and beyond the call of duty to prosper. Just like with the weights focus on challenging yourself with your cardio workouts too and you can not help but improve on a continued basis.

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